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Jean Shepard - Country Music: Pure And Simple(2 CD)


Jean Shepard - Country Music: Pure And Simple.(2 CD) 2016 release. 50 tracks every Jean Shepard and Traditional Country Music FAN of the 50's sounds will have to have! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (includes 3 duets with GRAND OLD OPRY STAR, RAY PILLOW.) 1. A Real Good Woman 2. A Woman's Hand 3. With His Hand in Mine 4. Heart, We Did All We Could 5. Safe in These Lovin' Arms of Mine 6. My Arms Stay Open Late 7. The Tip of My Fingers 8. I'm Tied Around Your Finger 9. Then He Touched Me 10. Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone) 11. Seven Lonely Days 12. Another Lonely Night 13. Just Plain Lonely 14. Hardly a Day Goes By 15. Just Like Walkin' in the Sunshine 16. Many Happy Hangovers to You 17. Everyday's a Happy Day for Fools 18. A Tear Dropped By 19. If Teardrops Were Silver 20. Someone's Gotta Cry 21. I've Loved Him Much Longer Than You 22. Just as Soon as I Get Over Loving You 23. It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad) 24. Ain't Love Good 25. Mr Do-It-Yourself (with Ray Pillow) 1. Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar) 2. I Want You Free 3. Virginia 4. I'm Giving You Denver 5. An Old Bridge 6. Your Forevers (Don't Last Very Long) 7. I'll Do Anything It Takes (To Stay with You) 8. I'm Not That Good At Goodbye 9. Possession Is Nine-tenths Of The Law 10. I Don't See How We Can Make It 11. I'd Fight The World (with Ray Pillow) 12. You're Telling Me Sweet Lies Again 13. I'm a Believer (In a Whole Lot of Lovin') 14. Only Mama That'll Walk The Line 15. Another Neon Night 16. It Keeps Right On A Hurtin' 17. At the Time 18. Silver Threads And Golden Needles 19. Poor Sweet Baby 20. Come on Phone 21. Mercy 22. Outstanding In Your Field 23. It's a Man (Every Time, it's A Man) 24. Slippin' Away 25. Ill Take The Dog (with Ray Pillow)

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