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VA: Men On Love/The Good And The Bad (5 RGO Artists..26 Songs)


MEN ON LOVE: The Good and the Bad. Love is the subject of most every song written, but its not always happy music. There are so many elements of love Warm, everlasting, heavenly,lost love, broken hearts, disappointing, temporary, new, old, spiteful, revengeful, and many more descriptions. We all have various feelings of love, since it is the universal language. RGO Records thought it might be fun to summarize some of these expressions in these 26 songs about all kinds of love. 1. Theres No Love Like Our Love. Why does a silly argument challenge the deep love of this couple? She leaves, but will she return? 2. Love Might Be The Death Of Me. This man has endured many physical close calls that almost killed him, but his love is so strong for his lady that he might die from it. 3. I Need Lovin In My Life. This sad man has finally had too much of his cheating woman, because he needs true love to keep his heart pumping. 4. Pieces. During love problems, this artist decides that there is no way to save their love. It has all fallen to pieces, and there is no way to put the pieces back together. 5. Cindy. A young girl is not satisfied with staying in her town and with her boy friend. So she packs up and goes to New York and then to Los Angeles to make movies. Her ex pleads with her to come back home where she belongs. 6. Lonesome Town. This artist on the road stops at a Honky Tonk, and meets a woman who is missing her man. He sings of this one-night relationship. 7. I Swinging Doors Dont Get Me, Lonesome Will. Living in bars since his breakup, he tries to console himself, but he knows that drinking or being lonesome is ahead for him. 8. How Much Is Love Worth. His lover is caught up in party life and is being used by other men in her temporary relationships. He tries to convince her to come back to his enduring love. 9. Time. Brooding about a lost love and reliving the memory of good times, he wonders how life has been for her. Time has not been good to him. 10. Where Can I Go. This artist sings of a lost love but his memory of her is engrained in his memory. Everywhere he goes, her memory follows him, so where can he go? 11. This Boy Has Grown Into A Man. This man has done just about everything to ignore a meaningful love. In time, he realizes his foolish ways are not happy ways, and he confesses that he wants to have a solid and mature love. 12. George Jones, Will You Sing My Song. His baby left and he wants her back in a bad way. He cant find her anywhere. She always has listened to country music on the radio, so the man wants George to sing his message on the radio to tell his woman to come on home. 13. The Condo Song. Moving from the country to a condo, surprises this man. He cant believe all the kinds of love that goes on there a tongue-in-cheek story that might be true! 14. Cowgirl Cute And Cowboy Crazy. As this artist looks out on the dance floor, he is struck by the cute cowgirl who obviously is cowboy crazy. Hes gonna be lucky with her tonight. 15. Bound To Lose. Why do guys get involved in a love situation when they know they are bound to lose? Love is strange! 16. Abilene Abilene. In all the great places this artist has traveled, none measure up to this Texas town where men are treated like kings and the ladies are the prettiest that hes ever seen. 17. Heart, Dont Let Me Down. Being torn between his heart and mind, this singer hopes his heart wont be let him down. He knows that this relationship would not be good for his heart. But can he resist? 18. Baby, You Caught Me With My Heart Down. As he rebounds from one bad love situation, he is despondent and living in Lonely Town. Suddenly, he finds romance with a lady who comes along at the right time. 19. Corpus Christi Bay Laid-Back Baby. This artist sings about his disappointment when his special love becomes a socialite and moves to Lafayette to lead a country club life. He is ecstatic when he learns that shes coming back home but not knowing her reasons why. 20. Skeletons. Everybody has private things in their private life that they are not proud of. Reliving the past can only harm a great romantic love. Who has the right to be throwing stones? 21. A Faster Train. Love can move like a fast train. Its exciting when two lovers get on board. What happens when one gets off and jumps on a faster train. It happens all the time. 22. Nashville Tennessee. His lady is traveling in a lot of places in Europe and having a grand time. He gets fed up with her escapades and tells her dont bother coming home. He has found another love a country girl right here at home. 23. Nothing Scares The Devil Out Of Me. This driver on the road comes home to a house that has nothing inside. How lonely that must be. Nothing is left but memories. 24. Damn Near Ruined Blues. This woman is not sensitive at all to what her man needs. Everything he does and likes shes against. When she kicks his dog and stomps his hat, that was the straw that broke the camels back. 25. Shes Ugly. Humor here! Strong story about a drinking man gets mixed up with an ugly woman, but he learns to love it at least a little bit. 26. To Think, I Thought You Loved Me. He was a nave, simple country boy who believed this country club girl liked him. She did, because she and her friends laughed at him behind his back and called him a country clown. This story has a surprising and happy ending for him. reviews
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