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VA: The PLANTATION Records Story l968-l981.(2 disc 50 tks)


VARIOUS ARTISTS/The PLANTATION Records Story l968-l981. 2013 re-issue. It's unlikely that few country as well as pop fans won't remember the name JEANNIE C. RILEY and her country/pop hit HARPER VALLEY P.T.A. from January l968 which is included in this issue. While this is one of the more notables in the release, as well as several more RILEY recordings there are many others sharing the spotlight including LITTLE DAVID WILKINS, SLEEPY LaBEEF...JOHN WESLEY RYLES...REX ALLEN, JR...WEBB PIERCE...JAMES O'GWYNN....CHARLIE WALKER...JIMMY C. NEWMAN...HANK LOCKLIN...ROY DRUSKEY & PATTI PAGE, RITA REMINGTON, RUSTY ADAMS, GORDON TERRY plus many, many more in this 50 track 2 CD set. It will be remembered by most that PLANTATION Records was the brainchild of the late SHELBY SINGLETON. This is definitely one for the traditional country music fans and collectors. RECOMMENDED.

(ADDITIONAL INFO): Plantation Records was launched in 1968 by Shelby Singleton, the entrepreneurial former head of Mercury and Smash Records, and a celebrated record industry maverick. Essentially a dedicated Country label, with a strong emphasis on novelty and idiosyncratic recordings, Plantation is remembered primarily for its biggest hit, Jeannie C. Riley's multi-million selling 'Harper Valley P.T.A.', which topped both the U.S. Pop and Country charts. The label registered a further three dozen or so chart entries, by artists like David Wilkins, Dee Mullins, Linda Martell, Sleepy LaBeef, John Wesley Ryles, Rita Remington, Webb Pierce, Bobby Hood and Patti Page, whilst non-charting artists included Ray Pillow, Rex Allen Jr, Jimmie Dale & The Flatlanders, Lois Ann Struck, Hank Locklin, Gordon Terry, Jimmy C. Newman, Barbara Eden, Roy Drusky and Leroy Van Dyke. These fifty tracks present the very best of Plantation's singles output, including 23 US Country hits. The set features the label's four million-sellers: Jeannie C. Riley's sassy 'Harper Valley P.T.A.', Harlow Wilcox's guitar instro 'Groovy Grubworm', C-Company featuring Terry Nelson's controversial 'Battle Hymn Of Lt. Calley' and Rod Hart's bizarre gay truckers' anthem 'C.B. Savage'. Very little of this material has previously been reissued, in any format, and many of these sides make their CD debuts on this set. Disc One 1. NEIL RAY Big Fanny 2. JEANNIE C. RILEY Harper Valley P.T.A. 3. MARCIE DICKERSON (I Wanta Be) A Truck Driver's Sweetheart 4. DAVID WILKINS (Just) Blow In His Ear 5. JEANNIE C. RILEY There Never Was A Time 6. DEE MULLINS The Big Man 7. LINDA MARTELL Color Him Father 8. HARLOW WILCOX & THE OAKIES Groovy Grubworm 9. DEE MULLINS Guilt Box 10.LINDA MARTELL Before The Next Teardrop Falls 11.RAY PILLOW It Takes All Kinds Of People 12.CLARK BENTLEY The Ballad Of Archie Who? 13.JEANNIE C. RILEY Country Girl 14.LINDA MARTELL Bad Case Of The Blues 15.DAVID WILKINS Put A Little Loving On Me 16.ROBBIE HARDEN The Service 17.HARLOW WILCOX & THE OAKIES Cripple Cricket 18.COLONEL TEX HERRING Sold To The Highest Bidder 19.DEE MULLINS Remember Bethlehem 20.JEANNIE C. RILEY Oh, Singer 21.C. COMPANY feat.Terry Nelson Battle Hymn Of Lt. Calley 22.SLEEPY LaBEEF Blackland Farmer 23.JOHNNY CREDIT Hello, I'm Johnny Credit 24.JEANNIE C. RILEY Roses And Thorns 25.JOHN WESLEY RYLES Reconsider Me Disc Two 1. REX ALLEN JR. I Honky Tonked All The Way Back Home 2. THE FLATLANDERS Dallas 3. SANDY COOPER Sweetheart 4. RITA REMINGTON I've Never Been This Far Before 5. RUSTY ADAMS Hippie From Mississippi 6. LOIS ANN STRUCK Thinkin' On You 7. WEBB PIERCE The Good Lord Giveth (And Uncle Sam Taketh Away) 8. BEN DAVIDSON-HEWITT Border City Call Girl 9. HANK LOCKLIN These Arms You Push Away 10.WEBB PIERCE I've Got Leaving On My Mind 11.JAMES O'GWYNN One Night Gone 12.ROD HART C.B. Savage 13.GORDON TERRY & THE TENNESSEE GUITARS Orange Blossom Special 14.JIMMY C. NEWMAN Alligator Man 15.RUFUS THIBODEAUX & CAJUN BRASS Blueberry Hill 16.CHARLIE WALKER 'T' For Texas 17.BOBBY HOOD Come On In 18.MURRY KELLUM Memphis Sun 19.BARBARA EDEN Widow Jones 20.JIMMY C. NEWMAN Sugar Bee 21.ROY DRUSKY The Last Farewell 22.LEROY VAN DYKE Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You 23.PATTI PAGE No Aces 24.PATTI PAGE On The Inside 25.RITA REMINGTON & THE SMOKEY VALLEY SYMPHONY Don't We Belong In Love?

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